The Long Blue Line: Mrs. Friedman—the Coast Guard’s “Cryptologist-in-Charge” and NSC namesake

Thursday, August 6, 2020

 By mamanning1in History onJuly 10, 2020No comments Dr. David S. Rosen, Historian, Coast Guard Pacific Area During Prohibition, the Cryptanalytic Unit of the United States Coast Guard deciphered 12,000 messages between rum-running craft and transmitters on American shores. Coded radio signals were intercepted from Vancouver and Mexico on the West Coast, from Newfoundland to The Bahamas on the […]

The Long Blue Line: Hamilton’s grand experiment—230 years of the U.S. Coast Guard!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

 By readuscgin Operations onAugust 3, 2020No comments William Thiesen, Historian Coast Guard Atlantic Area A few armed vessels, judiciously stationed at the entrances of our ports, might at a small expense be made useful sentinels of the laws. Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper #12 (November 27, 1787) In the above quote, author Alexander Hamilton first described a fleet of federal vessels that he […]

The Long Blue Line: Coast Guard’s Anchorage Flag and early port security

Monday, August 3, 2020

 By mamanning1in History onJuly 9, 2020No comments Special Agent Keith J. Bassolino United States Coast Guard Reserve The Coast Guard is known for having two official flags: the U.S. flag and the Coast Guard ensign. But as a maritime service, there are several flags that have flown over Coast Guard cutters and stations over the past 230 years. […]

The Long Blue Line: BMCM “Big Wave” Dave Duren–leader, mentor and FRC namesake

Saturday, August 1, 2020

 By readuscgin Operations onJuly 23, 2020No comments Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class William A. Bleyer, United States Coast Guard Duren’s peers considered him an outstanding boat driver who operated with common sense and a great respect for the sea. He never asked anything of his crew that he hadn’t already done or was willing to do at the time. PA1 […]

The Long Blue Line: Hurricane Katrina and the Coast Guard set records 15 years ago!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

 By readuscgin Operations onJuly 28, 2020No comments William H. Thiesen, Historian Coast Guard Atlantic Area Hurricane Katrina began the modern era of North American superstorms as part of the record-setting 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. The tropical depression that developed into Katrina formed over The Bahamas on Tuesday, August 23, 2005. By the weekend, evacuations were underway all along the […]

The Long Blue Line: Great Galveston Hurricane—Coast Guard’s first superstorm 120 years ago

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

 By mamanning1in History onJune 26, 2020No comments William H. Thiesen, Historian, Coast Guard Atlantic Area   This day crew pulled with Surf-Boat to “Pelican Flats” and resumed the task of burying the bodies of drowned persons and animals; burning, and burying twelve persons; and ten animals. Crew returned to City at 5 p.m.  -Keeper Edward Haines, Galveston Lifesaving Station,Sept. 17, […]

The Long Blue Line: The Tampa—a legacy of courage!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

 By mamanning1in History onJune 14, 2020No comments Nora L. Chidlow, Archivist, United States Coast GuardArlyn S. Danielson, Curator, United States Coast Guard Launched in 1912 and christened the Miami, Coast Guard Cutter Tampa was part of a small but nimble fleet of revenue cutters that patrolled American coastal waters. After the sinking of Titanic on April 14, 1912, […]

Happy 81st Birthday U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

U.S. Coast GuardJune 23 at 7:58 PM ·  The #USCGAUX serves as the volunteer component of the #USCGWorkforce. Auxiliarists promote recreational #boatingsafety and act as a continuous force-multiplier for the Coast Guard year round. Our Auxiliary shipmates help keep the boating public safe by teaching boating safety courses and providing FREE vessel safety checks to ensure your boat is in […]

Research and Development Center tests safety gear to protect four-footed heroes

Saturday, June 20, 2020

 By jgarme2in Operations, Readiness onJune 23, 2020No comments What do the Super Bowl, presidential inaugurations and maritime mass transit have in common? Coast Guard K-9 units on duty to serve and protect. While the Coast Guard’s K-9 units are stationed at major ports with a primary focus on maritime mass transit, their expertise in explosives detection makes them uniquely […]

The Long Blue Line: Hail to the Chiefs!–100 years of Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

 By mamanning1in History, Leadership onMay 20, 2020No comments William H. Thiesen, Historian, Coast Guard Atlantic Area In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the establishment the United States Coast Guard, a new military agency comprised of the former U.S. Life-Saving Service and former U.S. Revenue Cutter Service. The merger was similar to a second founding of the Service combining […]

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