Auxiliary Chefs, a Basic Ingredient for Team Coast Guard

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CLEARWATER, Fla – Instructor Paulette Parent demonstrates how to identify herbs by smell and texture during the classroom session of AUXCHEF training at Air Station Clearwater March 2, 2013. USCG Auxiliary photo by Auxiliarist Robert A. Fabich, Sr., Public Affairs Officer

CLEARWATER, Fla – U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Chef (AUXCHEF) students from as far as St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands participated in a three day training session at Air Station Clearwater March 1-3, 2013. In its third year, AUXCHEF was approved as an Auxiliary National Program in January 2009.

Article by Auxiliarist Robert A. Fabich, Sr., Public Affairs Officer

CLEARWATER, Fla – Lunch and dinner menu at Air Station Clearwater galley entrance highlights meals that AUXCHEF students prepared March 3, 2013. USCG Auxiliary photo by Auxiliarist Robert A. Fabich, Sr., Public Affairs Officer.

“The purpose of this program is to give Auxiliarists another means to contribute to and support active duty USCG, relieving the Food Service Specialists (FSS) at small boat stations and cutters so they can take leave, attend schools or perform other duties,” explained Paulette Parent, AUXCHEF instructor  during her opening remarks. Currently, there are 60 qualified AUXCHEFs throughout USCG District 7 and an increasing demand for more. The Air Station Clearwater course is one of four being held in District 7 this year.

The course academics’ included sanitation and safety, tools and equipment, food preparation, meal planning, serving techniques, nutrition, hygiene, storing food, recipe conversions, herbs and seasoning, cooking principles and USCG administrative requirements.  An additional eight hours was dedicated to hands-on training under the direct supervision of active duty FSS preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for Air Station Clearwater CG personnel and retired military families.

CLEARWATER, Fla – AUXCHEF students prepare mac and cheese as a portion of the lunch time meal at Air Station Clearwater March 3, 2013. Seven students from around USCG District 7 were responsible for serving breakfast and lunch as part of hands-on training session. USCG Auxiliary photo by Auxiliarist Toni Borman, Public Affairs Officer.




As with all training courses, there is a set course outline, course objectives, learning goals and certification.  However, this particular course was more than learning the skills of a chef.  The deep pan recipe here was an idealism supported by varied experience that was enhanced by a core purpose. “I acknowledge all my AUXCHEF students for their contribution to the program and the skills they have acquired,” said Toni Borman, AUXCHEF instructor. “You are the best.”

Throughout these three days the students exhibited skills other than the desire for cooking.  Their coordinated activities and competency accomplished a compelling common goal. They fostered HONOR by sharing knowledge among themselves in regards to Coast Guard ethics.  RESPECT by ensuring proper uniform wear, and the importance of diversity in the Auxiliary and USCG relations.  DEVOTION TO DUTY by participating in a program that is unfunded.  Each student is personally responsible for all related training, travel, lodging, uniform, and station assignment expenses.The additional teamwork of the students, in light of potential funding cuts to the Auxiliary, is a recipe far beyond a course that already exemplifies the Auxiliary contribution. These Auxiliarists prove their willingness to go above and beyond for Team Coast Guard at their own expense.

To learn more about the AUXCHEF program click here.

CLEARWATER, Fla – USCG active duty FSS staff oversee the preparation of corn bread being made by student Robert A. Fabich, Sr., during hands-on AUXCHEF training March 3, 2013 at Air Station Clearwater. USCG Auxiliary photo by Auxiliarist Toni Borman, Public Affairs Officer.

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  1. Patti Kuhn says:

    What a great article and photos! The instructors are awesome. They have wonderful skills in teaching and encouraging students. I am proud to be an aux-chef and grateful for this opportunity to learn and to serve! Patti Kuhn, Palmetto, Florida

  2. Terry Corey says:

    Hello shipmates
    I went to AUX Chef Class in 2018 at Coast Guard Station Mayport Florida
    I am from 10-10-7 station Brunswick I learned so much in the class that I can bring back to my home flotilla and station to be an asset I am learning more and more each time that I serve in a galley that eventually I will be stationed onto a cutter where I can further be of some good to the Coast Guard
    I would recommend this program to anyone in the Coast Guard auxiliary that would want to serve with the Coast Guard for the Coast Guard and be an asset to their flotilla AUX chief is the way to go
    Thank you

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