Frequently Asked Question Friday – USCG Auxiliary Age Requirements

Friday, March 13, 2015

Auxiliarist Fred Simmons marches in New York City's 2014 Veterans Day Parade. USCG Photo by PA3 Frank Iannazzo-Simmons.

Auxiliarist Fred Simmons marches in New York City’s 2014 Veterans Day Parade. USCG Photo by PA3 Frank Iannazzo-Simmons.

A very frequent asked question associated with joining the USCG Auxiliary is age. Due to Auxiliary members being uniformed civilians of the Coast Guard, we sometimes get mistakenly associated with the stricter age requirements of the active duty.

What are the minimum and maximum ages to join the USCG Auxiliary?

The minimum age is 17 years old. There is no maximum age.

We value having members being able fulfill many different and helpful roles in the Coast Guard. As long as you are able to physically accomplish your chosen job, we won’t prevent you from volunteering because of age.


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  1. James Ineson says:

    I would like to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary I am 54 years old and a former OS2 in the US Navy.

    • Gaspare Marturano says:

      Use this link to find a Flotilla near you:

    • Barbara Sama says:

      Gaspare, I hope you took the steps and joined.I would have joined sooner had I known of the opportunity to serve at an older age. I am still waiting for my clearance but I am already deeply committed.The training is amazing! So many online opportunities! and as for thesummer! well! lookout! There may be a little snow on this “roof.” But the furnace is in full blast! Can’t wait to be training on the boat! Good Luck!
      Barb S.
      Flotilla 53-1-1

      • Robert Dempsey says:

        Good morning my name is Robert Dempsey, I’m very much interested in joining the Coast Guard auxiliary as soon as you have your foot somewhat in the door would you be able to give me any advice andon how to actually join

  2. Daria Flynn says:


    My son is 16 years old and will be entering his junior year in high school. He has expressed interest in the Coast Guard and I was trying to find out ways he could experience what that was like and I thought of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I do understand that to join this, it is a minimum of 17 years of age. Can you recommend where he can start to actually meet some people and maybe shadow them to get an idea of what it would be like to be in the Coast Guard? Many thanks!

    • admin says:

      Daria Flynn, Thank you for contacting us about the US Coast Guard. There are several options that are available to you. If you go to and enter your zip code near join me you can get some flotillas in your area and contact them about their meeting times and place. There is also an opportunity for your son to visit a Coast Guard Station in your area and ask them to talk about their service duties. There is also the USCG Academy AIM program available to juniors which allows your son to be at the USCG Academy in New London, CT information is at Please let us know if you have any interest in one or more of these options. Finally, you can go to a recruiter with your son but first visit You can also monitor various US Coast Guard Facebook and Twitter accounts and friend them for possible events.

  3. Salvatore says:

    Hi I was thinking about joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I work six days a week and I was thinking about going during the night time. What I want to know is how many days do you have to do and also how many hours a day Is there a minimum of days and hours for the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

    • admin says:

      There are no minimum requirements of hours or days as a member. That can change with qualifications like Boat crew which has 10 hours/year aviation 10 hours/year, and other missions. If you do not serve the hours then you may lose the qualification and would have to retrain all over again. During night very few missions are open to you initially. Public affairs, communication services, meetings, and some training are held at night. An active member serves 10 hours/yr or more as a general guideline.

  4. Stanislav says:

    Aside from age limit are there any other requirements to join?

  5. Scott Jones says:

    I am about to retire from the US Navy as HMC, and am looking into the CG Aux. How much of my training will transfer over? 23 yrs. of quals and training I would hate to see it go away.

  6. Carl Moore says:

    I am a 70-year-old former felon (30 years ago)who has received a release of disability, issued by the court.
    I am a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain (100 ton)with sail and towing endorsements. I have a TWIC card and a current concealed weapons licensed with FBI UPIN background check.
    I am wondering if I would be eligible to volunteer in the US Coast Guard Auxillary despite my felony?
    Carl Moore

  7. Bob Wilcox says:

    I am a 58-yr old retired 1SG for the Michigan Army National Guard, UH60 Senior Mechanic, Dual Status UH60 Technician, and Equal Opportunity Advisor who is very interested in joining the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. I love to fly, love the water, and love helping others in a team environment.
    My wife of 38-years and I are full-time RVer’s living between Cocoa, FL. and Fenwick, MI.

  8. Giulio B. says:

    Is it possible for someone who is under 17 years old to be involved in the duties of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in any way? Thanks.

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