Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What is AUXFIT?

The AUXFIT program was introduced last year with support from CDR Carissa April, DIRAUX (retired). The idea for AUXFIT was to emphasize the importance of healthy living, physical fitness and have fun in challenging the district’s Southern Region – as well as each other in getting active.
This year AUXFIT will be much more about the friendly comradery and general awareness of simply healthy living. We will still have some friendly competition and incentives for those who want to jump out first as early champions, but the focus will be on getting active.

What’s new in 2017 ?

– There will be no daily log this year but, participants are encouraged to share stories of their fitness and wellness success in a section of the Nor’Easter. There will be a quarterly update on AUXFIT related activities.

– Everyone who pledges by 1 December 2017 will receive a certificate and be entered to win a prize.

– The district will also have model to follow and encourage,

How do you participate ?

To pledge, send an email to Craig Hall using the email in AUX Directory with a subject line of “I pledge to be AUXFIT.” 

The AUXFIT team will have an AUXFIT web page with news, tips and ideas – as well as news on Charlie’s progress. Keep watch for news on the development of the AUXFIT webpage.

DCOS Charles Grossimon takes the lead on the AUXFIT Challenge
Charlie Grossimon, District Chief of Staff (DCOS), who believes personal fitness and healthy living is an important aspect to the physical fitness requirements of Auxiliarists. “The health of our members is so important. I’m excited to be the model for this program because not only do I need to work towards being “AUXFIT” for myself and my family, but it is my sincere hope that others will be inspired to do the same. AUXFIT gives us the opportunity to cheer each other on and provide inspiration for a healthier membership.”    DCOS Charlie Grossimon has taken on the AUXFIT Challenge   

Scott Lockhart of RX Fitness guides Charlie Grossimon thru his workout.

Charlie will have four quarterly sessions with a personal trainer through the year. Scott Lockhart, of Rugged RX Fitness, will provide a strategic wellness session and three follow up sessions. In between sessions Charlie will monitor his weight, eating and fitness schedule and report those results.Scott Lockhart of RX Fitness coaches DCOS Charlie Grossimon

LR: Scott Lockhart, Charles Grossimon DCOS, and Craig Hall, AUXFIT Cheerleader take a break from a recent workout.

Charlie Grossimon (DCOS) (center), receives encouragement from  Scott
Lockhart of RX Fitness (left) and AUXFIT Team Leader, Craig Hall (right)





  1. Ingrid Onate says:

    Hello! This is awesome! As a mom and active AUX member I feel it is VERY important and vital to stay on top of one’s health and be fit AND HAPPY! I’m an avid fitness guru and even help coach a Fitness bootcamp. Whatever I can do help, I’m in!

    Flotilla 070-06-01

    Ingrid Onate
    FSO SR
    Homestead, Florida

  2. William E. Giers says:

    Send an e-mail to Craig C. Hall or Craig A. Hall?

  3. Martin F Kruizenga says:

    This is what i need to finally need to get back into mu ODUs

  4. Martin F Kruizenga says:

    This is what i need to finally get back into mu ODUs

  5. Gary Wilkerson says:

    Good to see DCOS Grossman doing pushups on beer kegs!

  6. Dr. Mitchell T. Kamlay says:

    What will be the required goals of this program? Any set levels of proficiency? I have always been concerned about the fitness level of Auxiliarist Boatcrew and Coxswains. With the average age of AUX up around 65 years or so I wonder. Many new Members have not done any physical training for many years.

  7. PAT O'REILLY says:

    any help i can do like organizing a road bike training once a month please let me know.

  8. Dr. Mitchell T. Kamlay says:

    Opps, Craig A. or Craig C.?

  9. Frank Pringle says:

    I like Charlie’s props – doing push-ups using beer kegs!
    Frank Pringle (3-7)

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